Hey Y’all

I’m Erika.  I come alongside folks in college athletics who are totally ready to buck the status quo.

I show you how to champion your brilliance by leading in a way that extends beyond sport. I sprinkle in obscene levels of empowerment — while making every step feel like one giant par-tay*

*Yes, that’s a low-key golf pun. High Five for noticing!!


Perception is NOT Reality (It’s Lazy)

We’ve been lied to, y’all!  I know…..it hurts to admit it, but OH MAN have we ever been lied to.  Raise your hand if you’ve been told more times than Steph Curry has dropped a 3  that, “Perception is Reality.”  It was probably innocent at first - somebody taught you...
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Why Prospects Need You To Be Your Own Brand Of Brilliant

When we think for a moment of coaches that stand out in our memory, who are some that instantly come to mind? John Wooden, Bobby Knight, or Pat Summitt perhaps? Or maybe Anson Dorrance, Bear Bryant, or Mike Krzyzewski? We know these names because they get results,...
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MENTORS: How To Find Them And How To Keep Them

The world of college athletics is extremely dynamic – one where no two days are ever exactly alike. It’s probably what drew many of us in to coaching and wanting to compete at this level - the ability to learn from and also impact young people for the better using our...
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New Coach: 5 Things I Wish I Knew Then

Have you ever been a coach who felt like they were finding their footing on the fly?  Perhaps you are a young new coach who is desperately trying to solidify your coaching philosophy.  Oh, and you’re doing that while navigating the tricky waters of having...
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