I want to live my most authentic life and own my brilliance.  

I don’t want to shy away from hard things but want to run towards them instead.  

I want to be vulnerable and celebrate weaknesses and not try to fulfill some arbitrary perception of perfection.  

I want to fully grab ahold of the messy middle and embrace it as a meaningful part of the journey.  


I want to be somebody who helps folks in college athletics do the same so that we can lead in a way that extends WAYYYY beyond sport. 

Hey Y’all (Say that with as much twang as you can muster).


I’m Erika and I inadvertently seem to collect titles.  Let’s see……I’m a wife, mother, daughter and friend.  I’m also a coach, mentor, mentee and content creator.  Those are just that though, titles.  It doesn’t necessarily capture who I am.

Let’s push for a bit more depth.  Ready?

I’m deeply fascinated by people and incurably curious about what makes them tick and why they think the way they do.  I’m an insatiable student by nature – I’ll latch on to something that peaks my interest and I will follow it down the rabbit hole until I can’t see the light at the surface anymore.  My last four digs have been:  Homeschooling, the Revolutionary War, Quilting and thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail.

I don’t want to torture the onion “lots of layers” cliche, but the shoe fits.  (see what I did there?  it’s a cliche inside a cliche – bonus points unlocked).


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