You’re here because you buck the status quo and believe there is a better way to coach and lead your teams.  If you’re like the majority of us, you’re motivated but a bit overwhelmed.  You’re a coach or student-athlete who has a strong desire to lead in a way that feels authentic to you.  You dream big and know that your calling is to revolutionize the realm of sport and return the focus to loving the person beyond their perceived contribution to the team!

But… “something” keeps getting in the way of you doing just that in the consistent way you want.

Know What I’m Talking About?

– Do you feel like things are happening at a break-neck pace and you’re trying to catch up?

– Do you create a plan only to let it fall by the wayside once you’re “in the thick of things?”

– Do you worry that you’re not being consistent in your leadership style?

– Do you wonder if you’re positively influencing those you lead beyond the X’s and O’s of sport tactics?

Deep Deep Breaths – do it with me – inhaaaaaaale, exhaaaaaaale!  You.  Are.  Not.  Alone.

I Know Exactly How You Feel

I’m in the trenches right alongside you.

I’m currently coaching NCAA Division I golf at the University of Southern Mississippi, but I’ve also been a head coach at the NCAA Division II level (Saint Leo University).  I was an Assistant Coach at a Power 5 school in the SEC, and I’ve been a graduate assistant at a NAIA school as well.  I’ve seen and coached in college athletics at almost all levels……

….and Y’all guess what: I struggle daily with these things too!

I’ve also been that overwhelmed student-athlete trying to find my voice amid the constant pressure to conform to the majority.  I’ve known the struggle of balancing academics, practices, strength and conditioning, and a social life all while looking to my coach for guidance both on and off the course – and I’m here to tell ya.  It ain’t easy! So current student-athletes – I feel ya!

My Vision In Writing This Blog

Through this blog my vision is for us to collaborate to help combat the overwhelm we all feel at times.  I want us to discover our own brilliance so that we can lead in a way that extends beyond the realm of sport.  I wish for us to be the most authentic versions of ourselves and to positively impact those we lead to achieve greatness.  I want us to be DREAM ENABLERS!

Together, we’ll dive in to actionable ways to be consistent, inspire change, foster buy-in, fend off apathy, and encourage personal growth.  We’ll explore strategies to WIN – not only on the playing surface, but in the classroom, community, and along our own path to greatness.  Mostly, I wish for us to empower each other to accomplish those dreams that matter most.

Posting Schedule

Consistency is big and I want to value and honor your time and commitment to come back again and again to get the freshest content.

New posts will go up Monday mornings at 6:00am Eastern time.  The Monday post will be a new article.  Any guest posts will be posted on Wednesday mornings at 6:00am Eastern. Throughout the week, come back and drop in to the comment sections and be an active part of this community.  Social media also works if you prefer to hang out there and chat.

Use hashtag #leadbeyondsport to play along (and feel free to help come up with a shorter hashtag too if the mood strikes ya).

Guest Posts and Contributions

Are you interested in writing an article to be featured here inside our huddle on this plot of internet?  I’d love that!  It’s an awesome way to clarify your own thoughts and help your fellow coaches and student-athletes at the same time.  Whoop Whoop for the Win-Win!  Let’s chat about your idea and then make it happen!


Holy smokes people, this is gonna be fun!  

Grab a clipboard and whistle and let’s get this party started!