If you’re like most of the folks who engage in this community, you are a high-achieving member of a college athletics department.  You may be a coach, administrator, or support staffer, but you love being around and influencing young people.  You are committed to your own growth as a leader and whole-heartedly accept the challenge of mentoring student-athletes.


You’re over “business as usual.”  You’re ready to buck the status quo because you believe there is a better way to lead others.  Even though you may still be holding back….Deep down you’re ready to be your awesomely authentic self.

My Vision In Writing This Blog

Through this site, my vision is for us to collaborate to help combat the overwhelm we all feel at times.  I want us to discover and champion our own brilliance so that we can lead in a way that extends beyond sport.  I wish for us to be the most authentic versions of ourselves and to positively impact those we lead to achieve greatness.  I want us to never play small and to relentlessly stand in our light.

Together, we’ll dive in to actionable ways to uncover the unique brilliance within you and then champion that brilliance to become a truly authentic leader.  We’ll chat about the role of culture within a department or team, and we’ll continually explore related topics as leaders in college athletics.


Posting Schedule

I want to value your commitment to come back again and again to read new content.

New posts will go up Tuesday mornings at 6:00am Eastern time. 

Any guest posts will be posted on Thursday mornings at 6:00am Eastern time.

Throughout the week, come back and drop in to the comment section and be an active part of this community.  


Guest Posts and Contributions

Are you interested in writing an article to be featured here on this plot of internet?  I’d love that!  It’s an awesome way to clarify your own thoughts and help your peers in college athletics at the same time.  Whoop Whoop for the Win-Win!  Let’s chat about your idea and then make it happen!

Leading Beyond Sport INSIDERS

Wanna be a part of the cool kids club? We want you to become an “INSIDER” by joining our growing community of folks in the Leading Beyond Sports Facebook Group.  It’s a private group and open only to those who work in college athletics.  We vet everybody who requests to join to help protect us all from any potential NCAA Compliance concerns.  Once vetted, however, we’ll drop the velvet rope and escort you directly to the VIP table.  You can request to join by clicking HERE. 


Holy smokes people, this is gonna be fun!  Grab a clipboard and whistle and let’s get this party started!

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